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"A line of ants

The adventurer Yasunaga Ogita became the first Japanese person to successfully complete a solo trek without replenishment to the South Pole. His next challenge was to take 12 youths to the Arctic Circle. This expedition would involve each participant pulling a fully loaded sled while walking a distance of over 600 kilometers across Baffin Island, the northernmost region of Canada. The only sign of civilization during this trek is a small town during the middle of the route. After passing this town, until they reach the town of Clyde River, there will be nothing but uninhabited territory, stretching as far as the eye can see. On the third day, as they disembarked onto the island from the sea ice, they found large stretches of sandy soil. The sand would create too much friction, hindering the progress of the sleds. Therefore, they were forced to pull the sleds onto a maze-like route of ice wherever it continued to lead. From a bird's eye view, they looked like a line of ants. It was another reminder of the epic scale of nature.

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