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Wildlife rehabilitation facility

The island of Borneo is comprised of parts of the countries of Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei. It is the third largest island in the world, with an area twice that of Japan. The island was once covered with lush tropical rainforests, but ongoing deforestation and plantation construction have led to a sharp reduction in forest habitats where wild animals live. 

On Borneo, there is a wildlife sanctuary called the Orangutan Rehabilitation Center. Orphaned young orangutans who have lost their mothers are taken care of there. Normally, orangutan children cling to their mothers' bodies, learning what their parents eat, and how to survive in the trees, while defending themselves from predators.

However, baby orangutans who are caught up in logging, land development, and other human activities, are forcibly separated from their mothers and never learn how to live in the wild. There are many reasons why this is happening. For example, oil palms are planted to produce palm oil, which is necessary for our lifestyles, or trees are cut down to provide lumber for export to other countries. In particular, palm oil can be found everywhere in our lives, in products ranging from confectioneries to detergents.

Animals that have lived freely for hundreds of thousands of years are being driven to extinction to make way for modern consumer products. If we continue at this rate, the earth of the future may become populated by only humans, livestock, and pets. That would undoubtedly be a very lonely future.

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